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Many of America’s prisons are run by for profit corporations. These corporations argue that their model is superior to the state run prison systems. The reality is that they are built to maximize profit and minimize costs. The cost cutting affects security directly as human resources are pushed to the limit and measures that are more costly but effective are ignored in favor of saving money.

Along side these prisons are additional service industries that fleece families who are unfortunately in contact with the prisons because family members or loved ones are locked up. In many cases, detention centers are housing people who haven’t yet stood trial. If innocent, the prisoner and family have now been fleeced of resources and suffered false imprisonment for the sake of a dollar.

What civilized people bank their resource gains on vices or alleged vices?
Prisons should be a place of last resort for those who cannot function in society by judgement of their peers. It shouldn’t be a slave system that creates shareholder opportunities for companies like Corrections Corporation of America.  CCA has posted profits of over $1.4 Billion in past years.

This is a not for profit site dedicated to information. We do this work in memory of Edward Kenzakoski and others who have suffered because of the profit motives that drive greedy men like Judge Mark Ciavarella. Ciavarella was sentenced to 27 years in prison for locking up kids for a kickback. One of those children was a young man named Edward Kenzakoski. Edward killed himself as a consequence of his incarceration. We cannot bring him back but we can press to make sure this never happens again. We can work to serve greater accountability to the other children also harmed by Ciavarella and others who haven’t been yet discovered for the same practice.

If you have information about a part of the private prison industry that you need to discuss, drop us a message and lets work together to provide the greatest accountability for our society.

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  1. As you may beautiful life as I knew it….was ripped away and destroyed. I had to watch as monsters in powerful positions in my community ripped my 17 year old, my one and only son from our home,when it was the LAST thing that he needed! This did not have to happen…he should have been in school…experiencing his Senior Year..not being abused in a God for-saken detention facility! But because For-Profit Incarceration is legal in this country..this not only occurred but these monsters earned millions of dollars at the expense of my baby and thousands of others juveniles! Because for-profit incarceration is legal….it enabled monsters such as these to build, buy, and send juveniles to keep the business flourishing! Only these type of monsters would want to make a profit from this type of business! How can they sleep at night??? Ill tell you…they DO NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE!! That is the reason this type of businbess CAN NOT WORK AND THESES MONSTERS ARE PROOF IT CANNOT WORK!!! UNLESS THERE ARE PURE..people with our best interests at heart..THIS CAN NOT BE!!! WE CANNOT LEAVE OUR LIVES IN THE HANDS OF JUST ANYONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE A PROFIT!!! PLEASE HELP IN THIS FIGHT TO END THIS RIDICULOUSNESS!!!!!!!!

  2. There is little that will comfort your loss outside knowing we understand your love for your son. I have children who have been his age and they are so important to me. I fight hard for them over far less important consequences (school related). When we saw your story before even conviction, it was on Rick Sanchez’s CNN show. It was just breaking. Having some experience with the legal field I know that judges in some areas have been bought or compromised. In smaller areas, this seems to be even more true as more people are without legal clarity once thrown into the system.

    Eric matters. He will never simply be a story for the nation to remember, he was your son. I’m sorry he is gone and I’m sorry for your loss. We will fight along side you to get legislation to close in on the areas of vulnerability. We ask that others help you and I by contacting their congress members ( 202-224-3121 ) or the White House switchboard – 202-456-1111

    In addition, people can ask news stations to do more about this. CNBC did a good documentary that I saw in the past month or so. ABC News – 212-456-7777 MSNBC – 212-664-4444 CBS News – 212-975-4321 CNN – 404-827-1500 PBS – 703-739-5000 FoxNews – 212-301-3000 NPR – 202-513-2000

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