New GEO Group executive Joe Negron was bought and paid for years ago

The Boca Raton private prison company, GEO Group is now led by former Senator Joe Negron. Negron has been taking their money for a long time and as Politico reported, his wife’s political effort is also championed by the bloated, inefficient, and corrupt GEO Group, a private prison company at the center of the immigration issue. He has been taking their contributions for years while in office and now will take a formal paycheck.

As with CCA and other companies in the for profit business, GEO Group is banking on tax payers and then paying its executive’s millions. This betrayal of the public in their effort to enforce justice is just one part of the problem. Why should a State Senator who had a hand in approving their deals be able to profit off of his policy work on their behalf later? This was pointed out by the critics who called the entire arrangement corrupt and renewed a call to end the for-profit prison industry.